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  • Primary Care: Become a New Patient

    If you haven't had a Primary Care visit at CHA in three years or more, you will need to make a new patient visit.

    By phone:

    Call 617-665-1305 between 8:30 AM - 5 PM. Or, you can call one of our primary care centers directly. 

    • Please have your insurance card ready
  • Primary Care: Already a Patient

    If you haven't had a Primary Care visit at CHA in three years or more, you will need to make a new patient visit.

    Call your CHA primary care center directly:
    CHA Broadway Care Center    P: 617-284-7500
    CHA Cambridge Family Health North   P: 617-575-5570
    CHA Cambridge Pediatrics    P: 617-665-1264
    CHA East Cambridge Care Center    P: 617-665-3000
    CHA Everett Care Center    P: 617-394-7702
    CHA Malden Family Medicine Center    P: 781-338-0500
    CHA Primary Care, Cambridge Hospital    P: 617-665-1068
    CHA Revere Care Center P: 781-485-8222
    CHA Somerville Pediatrics    P: 617-591-4440
    CHA Union Square Family Health    P: 617-665-3370
    CHA Windsor Street Care Center    P: 617-665-3600

    Or make a telehealth visit in MyCHArt:

    Just log in to MyCHArt and click "schedule an appointment". You can search and select a telehealth visit with your care team. Your care team will tell you if this is a phone or video visit. 

  • Behavioral Health and Psychiatry
    New patients (not currently in treatment):

    Please call the Psychiatry Access Line at 833-222-2030.

    CHA primary care patients:

    For non-urgent needs, please contact your primary care team and ask for a referral to behavioral health.

    CHA mental health patients:

    If you have a general, non-urgent question about scheduling/rescheduling appointments or refill requests:

    Adult: 617-665-1365  |  Child and Adolescent: 617-665-3458  |  MyCHArt

    For urgent needs:

    Please call our 24-Access Line at 833-222-2030, or visit our Behavioral Health Urgent Care in Cambridge.

  • Specialty, Lab, and Radiology Visits
    Please call your specialty center directly:
    Dental Center    P: 617-665-3990
    Eye Center, Malden    P: 781-338-8989
    Eye Center, Somerville    P: 617-591-4949
    Lab (blood and urine tests)    P: 617-665-2522  (CHA patients, for specialty lab tests)
    Medical Specialties, all sites    P: 617-665-1552
    OB/GYN, Cambridge    P: 617-665-2800
    OB/GYN, Revere    P: 781-485-8200
    OB/GYN, Somerville    P: 617-591-4800
    Occupational Health    P: 617-591-4660
    Orthopaedics (Bone and Joint), all sites    P: 617-665-1566
    Radiology and Imaging, all sites    P: 617-665-1298
    Rehabilitation (PT, OT, Speech/language)    P: 617-591-4600
    Surgical Specialties, all sites P: 617-665-2555
  • COVID-19 Testing or Vaccines

    Visit our COVID-19 alert page for current details on where to get tested.

    Visit our COVID Vaccine page for details on how to get a vaccine. 

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